Ali Baba and the Seventy Virgins

a ballet

CDK Music is looking for a ballet company to premiere "Ali Baba and the Seventy Virgins".

"Ali Baba and the Seventy Virgins" is a sequel to the Arabic fairy tale "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves".

The ballet starts with a tam-tam blow, symbolizing Ali Baba's death.

Ali Baba was a righteous man and Allah rewarded him with seventy virgins.

Seventy musical episodes represent the seventy virgins. The episodes differ in style, tempo, duration, musical material, orchestration and texture.

The musical episodes bear three different 'signs of place': episodes #1-26 are 26 different expositions, episodes #27-56 are 30 different developments, and episodes #57-70 are 14 different conclusions.

No musical material is repeated, nor does any musical material develop through the course of the entire composition.

At any given place in the score, anywhere from one to four different episodes unfold simultaneously.

The score is scanned at 600 ppi, which permits high quality printing in A4 and A3 formats.