American Requiem III

for vocal soloists, mixed choir, large symphony orchestra and tape-recorder
lyrics by T.S. Eliot ("The Journey of the Magi"), and anonymous authors
version 2, 2010

I completely disagree when left-wing radicals say that there is no free media, no free speech in the USA.

I found at least one - writings on the walls of public restrooms.

This media is 100% unbiased and 100% uncensored.

The disadvantages are these: the writings and sketches are too often wiped out and they are usually not available for both genders. This medium follows the ancient tradition of anonymity. Authors do not receive royalties.

Sometimes, checking the walls of public restrooms can be even more entertaining and educational than reading the memoirs of G.W. Bush or Lady Gaga.

American Requiem III consists of White and Black Mass which unfold simultaneously.

White Mass is represented by "Journey of the Magi" by T.S. Eliot, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1948. The text of "Journey of the Magi" is divided into three movements. Tenor, baritone and bass perform vocal parts of the White Mass.

Black Mass contains ten movements. Authors of the lyrics are unknown. Most texts were collected from the walls of public restrooms and the websites of local sex clubs in the USA.

Synchronous music, which I invented about 30 years ago, is the perfect compositional technique for American Requiem III.